What have you done today....
So far.... I’ve brushed teeth, had dump, and currently sat in park, watching my dog sniff another dogs arse.
Later I’m going work.

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I had a shower on top of what you done, but no walk in the park, as I got no dogs

Will be heading to allotment later, day off work today
Left the flat in a state with paint everywhere, now on a bus to the airport to fly back to blighty.
Got kids off to school.
Went to work and did 2 of the crappest jobs (concrete cutter) cutting pre cast pit walls. Got covered in concrete slurry and ended up drenched.
Got home at lunchtime and said to myself 'fuck it, I've done enough for today'.
Had a shower, sent out the invoices, watched some TV/internet.
Kids got home. Took youngest to basketball which I coach. Boys won 54 to 27. Cooked dinner and now writing this.
Did 3 hours on the sticks at work, moving trains around London. Met my missus for a pleasant lunch at my local. Xs (shit, shower n shave) now feet up watching crappy daytime tv. Up early for a couple of hours work then long weekend. To be fair I did work like a navvy over Easter w/e so I’m due a break.
Her lips said “No”
Her eyes said “Read my lips”
Round of golf, went back to bed when I got back for an hour. Just made dinner. Nothing to do that I want to do now. Might have a go on the guitar or uke.

Woke up at 6:30am. Sorted breakfast, took dog for walk, drove daughter to school, cleaned rabbit out (I don’t mean I took him out with a robust tackle), had shower, left for work at 11:30am.
Got home at 9:15pm. Had bite to eat, now in bed.

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Up at 7am. Sorted breakfast, done school run, went to get my haircut.... I’m pretty sure my hairdresser farted, as I was the only dude there... I felt all eyes on me... it fukkin stunk.
Now home, waiting for cooker repairman. Work at 2pm.

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Round of golf, game of football, having a cup of tea will empty the crap out of the garage next. I have a cunning plan for the garage.
(26-04-2019, 13:59 PM)BoozeCruz Wrote: Round of golf, game of football, having a cup of tea will empty the crap out of the garage next. I have a cunning plan for the garage.

What's your plan, man?

You've been busier than me.  I've been wondering if we can make it against such established forums.  Having a shitty indecisive sort of day Sad
Not much of a plan really, cancelled my gym membership and have bought a treadmill already have an exercise bike. Will put them both in the garage with a tv. An hour a day when I don't do anything else, knees permitting, should do it.

They are cluttering up the conny at the moment. The wife doesn't mind but her sister likes to tidy up when she comes round and isn't keen.
Walked dog, met Elgs/Keltic for pre-match beers... watched 90mins of dross... train home... curry and bed.

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Went to hire a car. Told them to fuck off after asking for 800 quid holding deposit, spent next two hours making alternative arrangenents to get to Letchworth. Got family of 4 ticket for £30 return.
Watched a very shit football match before hotfooting it to King's cross . Suffered a half hour delay at Fort neef station but still made it just in time to meet the missus and daughter at King's x.
Enjoyed my sister's 60th bash in a conservative club (I did wipe some snot on a picture of thatch whilst there) had a few bevvies and am now home about to have a nightcap all ready to feel like someone has shat
in my skull in the morning.
Packed my cases ready to go on holiday tomorrow - woo hoo!
Woke up about 8am.
Made breakfast
Ground some coffee beans.
Had coffee in garden.
Mowed lawn
Watched football
Played football

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Got up at 7.30am.
Watched MOTD.
Took my Daughter to Tilgate park and met my parents there for breakfast.
Came home and bathed said daughter.
Watched MC game.
Fed said daughter with dinner and then bedtime routine a couple of hours later.
Had a couple of beers whilst
cooking roast for missus and step son on their return from yard duties.
Consumed roast with a couple of glasses of vino.
Now waiting for dishwasher to finish.
Bed shortly planning for work tomorrow.
The end....well hopefully not ‘the end’

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Wake at 2am (daughter woke me up)
Didn’t get back to sleep
In work by 8am - smile and pretend to be mildly competent for next 8 hours
Leave work at 4pm and rush over to daughters nursery to pick her up
Get home - cook for daughter and Mrs
Stuff food down my gob while cooking
Feed daughter...play with daughter...bath daughter
Put daughter to bed
Crash out at 9pm

Rinse and repeat
Up at 6am.
Feed rabbit/dog
Leave for work at 6:50
Arrive at work 7am.
Watch Netflix
Now in Starbucks [Image: 2458038c3d14bc3e063f59ba282ef977.jpg]

Drive a train in a moment

Then go home hopefully.

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Round of golf, took dogs for a walk, varnished some OSB boards for the mancave, came in when it started raining, did some technical support for the site, prayed to the god of expat, drank cider.
Woke up,
Shower, Sh!t, shave
Trams on strike so had to catch the bus..
Worked solid for 8 hours
Caught the long way home via bus
Had tea
Watched bit of liverpool
Posted on forums
Spoke to me mate for half an hour
Now off to bed and to do all the same again tomorrow


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