Burnley Away, Sat 20th Nov, 3pm
(20-11-2021, 18:04 PM)steve m Wrote: Although another draw is not a bad point, how the fuck can we smash a fantastic team like Man City, but draw, and conceed three, to a shyte side like Burnley 

The only saving for us, is that we have only lost 2 games this season, a stat that around us in the league averages more like 4/5

Yeah only 2 defeats is brilliant.  It was a very strange game.  I thought we missed Macca.  Luka is not the player he was either.
Agree that we missed Macca. I’m pissed off we didn’t win today against that shower, but at the same time  they’ve hit a purple patch and shithouse their way to every point. Set pieces need work, I wonder whether trying Butland might be an idea? Recently, Guieta seems to make 3 or 4 stunning saves that kind of paper over some errors.

And would someone get Ayew out the team ffs.
There was a scottish Palace flag at the cricket ground bar today.  You guys anything to do with that?

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