Brighton (home) Monday 27th, 2000
(27-09-2021, 22:04 PM)ChrisGC Wrote: All you lads raving about Brighton need your heads checked. They played kick and rush for 95 minutes and got gifted a goal! They won’t finish top 15.

So the charity bet is on then?  They didn't win and were gifted an equaliser by mind numbing idiocy, but they will finish top 15.
(27-09-2021, 22:30 PM)steve m Wrote: Vieira, just like sir woy, are getting Bj's off Ayew, benteke Zaha, just so they can gets a match in, and thats why we have to ditch these fucking retards and move on, 

Watching Palace play is the same as watching Only fools and Horses, same plot, same scenery, same actors, and once we have seen what these actors do, its the same week in week out 

Thats were we are at, and no one can say any different, we have a shit management, and the board cant see this ?
doesnt bode well for us at all

I think there's worse than us but that was 2 points dropped and no mistake.  Ayew.  What the fuck.  And every child learns to just keep the ball in injury time.  Give it to ward or Mitchell ffs.  Getting roughed up just before is no excuse.
Disappointing in the end to say the least , Need Eze back to create more chances .
Gutted.  Pay back for the away game last season!

Neither of those teams are going down that's for sure.  

Great performance by Palace.
Potter's head is so far up his arse that he's actually saying on the radio that the weeds deserved a point.

Should learn to be more grateful when accepting gifts. It's only polite.
Knew we shouldn't have persisted with ayew as for bringing on Benteke?

The positive is the performance..first 25 we were totally dominant.
Watching SKY Sports pre match you would think it was Arsenal Vs Spuds and not us Vs the Weed. First 25 minutes was great but for end product. I would of not started Ayew or Luka. Olise deserves a chance and hope he gets it on Sunday. To restrict the Weed to playing long ball was encouraging.gutted at the end but liking more of what I am watching then under dear old Roy. Benetke is about as useful as a chocolate teapot and he wasn't really chasing them down like Édouard had for 70 minutes. Like to see Hughes get a game as well but getting the feeling he may be a Dougie signing.

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