Gareth Southgate Till 2024
(24-11-2021, 23:28 PM)ChrisGC Wrote: Sorry, but he should’ve been sacked after losing the final of the euros. We had an easy draw in 2018, scraped our way to the semis and got dunked out by the worst team to ever get to a World Cup final. Ok, second chance: a home tournament. Easy draw by in large, gets to the final and got tactically outclassed by Mancini then took the decision to play for penalties! Having gone to penalties he picks a load of kids to take them.

What a twat, especially given his own history. We played crap football in the tournament too, he’s Hodgson V2.0.

We’ll get a tough draw in Oman or whatever corrupt hell hole it’s in and go out in third place (group stage) and he’ll get sacked with a huge payoff.

His game management in that final was the worst I've seen from an England side since the brolly wally was sacked.

The best attacking talent we've had for years, an early one-goal lead and then he serves up that shit.

It's never been truer that England look the business until they come up against someone reasonably decent.

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