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Most annoying question - The Expat Eagle - 11-06-2019

When I first moved to Sweden it was the question about why I moved here. Back then it was unusual for someone from London to up sticks and move to Sweden now they wouldn't bat an eye lid.

Another question was about football. People assumed because I am from London that I support Arsenal and I'd have to explain who Palace are by saying we were Thomas Brolin's last club.

So, what question are you asked most often that annoys you, frustrates you or you are simply bored of hearing?

RE: Most Annoying Question - The Groover - 11-06-2019

I repair X-Ray equipment and for every job when I walk though the door the first thing I'm asked is "How long will it be?"   Every kin time.  Without fail.

I feel like saying 'Are you for kin real.  I haven't even taken my kin coat off yet!'

Instead I have to smile and say.  'I will let you know as soon as I've evaluated the problem.'

RE: Most Annoying Question - Caterham Eagle - 12-06-2019

When I worked overseas (which was for 25 years) upon returning home to visit the UK, pretty much every person I met would ask the same question first - which was  - When are you going back ?

RE: Most Annoying Question - Razorsedge - 12-06-2019

Can you fly the plane bit lower? my wife is afraid of heights Smile