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Full Version: THAT Burnley game
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40 years ago today.

I was there. Were you ?
Ten year old me was at the back of the old stand with me dad that night.
Probably the best night at Selhurst Park. Don't really remember the game much, just the crowd and the pitch invasion.
It has been speculated that there were more than 51k there that night and that could well be the case.
Was squeezed in between the blue disabled cars in the Whitehorse.   Back when the Whitehorse was a stand.  Hopefully the 100 million yank money buys it back.  Amazing night, even for an 11 year old.
(11-05-2019, 22:04 PM)Marteagle Wrote: [ -> ]40 years ago today.

I was there. Were you ?
My Eldest Brother was a Programme Seller at the time and so he sneaked me in and for a few minutes I was the only Fan in the ground. Always stood near the goal by the Holmesdale. What a Night.

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I was too young to go but we had the radio those days lol.
I went to bed happy as Larry that night.