We Won The Cup!
An ex Liverpool supporter's favourite Palace game... And why he saw the light

The zds 4-1 win over the other scousers


Unlike him I never wanted Liverpool to win anything and our 4-3 win against them after the 9-0 was, and still is to my mind, our finest hour (or 2) .

Yet like him I was amazed we got to a cup final just one year later layer and won this time.

And I lived the capital radio ads at the time 

"This is Wright and this is Bright heading for the zds on capital gold".

a lot of people have never heard of it but palace fans have .... And we can say not only have we heard of it, we've won it!

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We won the cup! - by Billypalace - 22-05-2020, 18:21 PM

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