Villa (Away), Today 2.15pm
Looks like a must win for Villa on Sunday after Watfords win today.  I had a dream Watford stayed up last night though, so maybe we won't roll over for our 5th straight defeat, who can say.  Hopefully we can play a bit like tonight.  Going to be tricky.
They will be well stressed and roy will let them off the leash like today.  Could be a big win for the eagles
2-0 to Villa. We won’t get another point now.
Nothing to play for but Villa are poor so we could get something.

If there was any chance of us going down I'd back us all day for this one.
Goodbye European Union. Goodbye Jeremy. Goodbye Nick. Jerk-It
(07-07-2020, 20:47 PM)ChrisGC Wrote: 2-0 to Villa. We won’t get another point now.
Depends which Palace turns up I suppose.  No Cahill till next season is a blow.  I can see Villa wanting it more though, poor side or not.  Sakho played better than recently when he came on,  even though we have conceded loads of goals recently.  Having 42 points already is such a bonus isn't it.  Imagine if we were going there with a few less points and this form.
It's that stage in the season where for teams like Villa, the slightest mistake could be a disaster. So there's no doubt that they will be fired up for the game.

However, they will also be really nervy and anxious not to screw up - and that frame of mind can be self-destructive if things start going against them.

If Palace can take the team performance in the 2nd half of the Chelsea game up to Villa Park, I reckon we can do the business here. Keep it tight at the back, and as Villa's desperation to get something grows and they start pushing forward, look to sucker punch them on breaks.
What was I thinking? The only thing we do well is relegate other teams in games otherwise irrelevant to us! 3-0 palace win.
If only we had won a few more games I'd have been almost okay with us losing to put watscum deeper into relegation battle. Having said that I still sense we will lose partly because we will go there with same 11 morecor less and will try not to lose. Roy will use the excuse...we owe it to the other clubs battling relegation ...Then again we can always score from a corner.
With West Ham and Watford winning today it's become do or die for Villa tomorrow.  Might have a bet on over 2.5 goals.
If Villa do end up getting relegated they must surely finally face a FFP penalty.

They spent another 100 million this season, on top of huge losses in the previous 2 years.
He doesnt like changing things!
Can but hope he gives some others a chance.

Think that kit could be called the Bowie or Ziggy kit.

Or the Flash Sash
Seems like Wilf got some racial abuse.  Hope it motivates him today.
Off the shoulder number
That's Bollox!
When you look back at some of the non handball decisions that favoured United and Liverpool..thatcwas an absolutely bent decision
(12-07-2020, 13:30 PM)Lombardo\s Hair Wrote: When you look back at some of the non handball decisions that favoured United and Liverpool..thatcwas an absolutely bent decision
Absolutely.   How the fuck is that handball.
It's given Villa a boost
Shame as we had started brightly
Making even Villa look good

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