Things Wot Do Your Head In.

My pa in law has played for years and is very good.
Thing is I've never liked them (hence my disdain for Big Country) but have sat and listened on a few occasions.

My kids think he's one of the bagpipers on an ACDC video.

Cunting things.
+1 for bagpipes.  I get lots of breaks in edinburgh (im on one now)  and its impossible to avoid the sound of the things.  Always around princes street, I can hear them as I type this.  Fortunately I went up to Arthur's seat and there was none up there.

Also vermin birds like seagulls and pigeons.  It should be lawful to shoot them.  I do my best with the train but the seagulls are too quick.
People who state the bleeding obvious........FFS

+2 for vermin birds....
If we're shooting vermin, can we start with human trash?

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