The Takeover
Anyone know whats happening with this?  I think i read that it was all supposed to be done by Christmas.  

Might change our transfer budget from nothing to something perhaps.
Just exactly who is taking us over EE ?
(30-12-2019, 14:11 PM)TheBiggin Wrote: Just exactly who is taking us over EE ?
Good question mate.  I'm not certain who is leaving either, besides the yanks, as looks likely.  There was some talk of shinawatra earlier.
Doesn't sound great does it ... a loose group of money from around the world .... Soulless.
Might explain the rising average age of the squad and the last few transfer windows if the yanks are unwilling and refusing to invest in the squad.  Has the takeover fallen through perhaps?
Bit slow to update this thread.

This was the most recent news I could find on this, from April.  Hard to know what has happened with our Yankee Hedge fund owners, and whether they plan to finally invest or not, or just sell it on.  Normally the transfer window would have opened last week.

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