The General Election Thread
(Yesterday, 23:06 PM)Yuri Gagarin Wrote: Last 3 replies, all about the people who point things out, nothing said about the things they are pointing out.
Still denying poverty exists I see.
Poverty based on how its calculated will always exist. You still havent told us what you believe is the basic income that will take everyone out of poverty. It's a bullshit measurement. According to labour a person working 40 hours per week getting £10 per hour will end austerity. You will presumably agree so £20800 per year is sufficient....oh but theres tax and NI to come off that and possibly pension contribution too (£17300 net). Oh okay Its a couple both working so £41600 pa pre tax and NI etc (£34600 net)  means the end to austerity.  But what about travel to work and they've got kids. They have 2 kids that need nursery or after school care. But that's free under Labour but who pays for it...we do as tax payers. Will the kids get free school dinners?  However the employer cant afford to pay them £10 ph nor can they afford the higher business rates corporation taxes etc. So they close down and the couple end up on benefits. Will Labour pay them 34k pa? If so ...can I have that. I'll sit at home with my partner on £34k pa without the hassle of going to work. .
Tell us what do you believe is a suitable income to ensure no one is in poverty on benefits but doesnt disincentivise those in work?

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