Palace Release 6 Players
But the good news is a new contract has been offered to Pape Souare.
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Pape Souare tweeted goodbye earlier which suggests to me that he is actually off, sadly. I'd renew his contract if he's willing to take less than £500k per year or about £10k per week, assuming he's still something like the player he was.

Interesting reading the retain/released lists. Looking the the U24s, Aveiro, Dreher, Kirby, Woods, Flanagan and Mitchell have all been retained, a good sign as they are all rated. If even 2 of those made it I'd be over the moon (even 1 to be honest Big Grin ).
I heard Souare was off as well.

Sam Woods is already a first team squad player, so no surprise he has got a new contract.

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