Matt Jansen's New Role

Matt Jansen's New Role

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The award-winning, critically acclaimed podcast; The Offensive made another bold step into reality this week. The focus of the show; Premier League club Ashwood City hired former Crystal Palace and Blackburn Rovers forward Matt Jansen as their Interim Head Coach.

The club have just four games of the season remaining in the form of Tottenham, Everton, Aston Villa and Man Utd and the task now falls to Matt Jansen to keep Ashwood City in the Premier League.

The Offensive has been described by the guardian as "The Thick Of It Meets FIFA career mode, a must listen for football fans." GQ summed up The Offensive as "Fantastic, ultra-sharp satire". The listenership of the 2019 British Podcast Award winner has boomed once again after keeping the game alive for football fans during this unorthodox domestic season.

Listen to The Offensive now where ever you get your podcasts, start the journey from episode one and become an Ashwood City fan for life.

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