Leeds (home) Sat 7/11, 3pm
(08-11-2020, 07:56 AM)...TUX... Wrote: I must be the only one who's never rated Bats that highly. 
I'd take Ayew over him everyday.
They’re both good, but in different ways. Ayew chases every ball and is worthy of a start on effort alone whereas I think Batsuiyi has a little bit more class: more clinical, takes up better positions and is clever at getting free kicks/ penalties.
Again, they should be picked on technical merit game by game, not on who is Roy’s favourite.
Sadly we have to wait two poxy weeks for the next match!  Kin international breaks!

Wonder how many will come back injured.

I think Wilf may stay at home as his wife is pregnant. I do hope so.
Yeah, shame to lose momentum. Usually the international break is most welcome as it breaks up a run of defeats!
The more aggressive attacking approach and the team changes led to the excellent result over a decent side like Leeds , Onwards and upwards if we continue the in the same vein ..

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