Glad The c*nts Stayed Up ?
I'm digging deep on this one. Somewhere in my soul there is a part of me that is happy that we get to keep the long standing mutual hatred with the seagirls going. But I can't deny I felt a bit pissed off that they scraped survival due to us in that Cardiff game, and of course the 6 points we surrendered. I suspect those who were around in the 70's and 80's have mixed feelings too ?
The Brighton games are much more entertaining than most of the others, This year everyone was on their feet throughout the entire match. You don't get that against Cardiff, Burnley, Watford...…...yawn.

Much rather see a game with them that some of the others.
Split emotions on this subject.

On the one hand, it is fun to have some active intense rivalry during the season, and for that the Seaweed are streets ahead.

On the other hand a large part of me wants to see them and their deluded, entitled 'fans' crash and burn so spectacularly that in the future, people (not just Palace fans) will point to their demise and say "wow, that's how a club can destroy itself completely"...
Smug little fuckers can gloat about the 6 points as much they like, nothing will ever come close to that play off win at the durex in terms of pain .  Can you imagine how much it would hurt if Brighton were you're 1st team ? It was bad enough for the arsenal and Chelsea weeds , the few hundred real Brighton that night would have needed therapy for years  Big Grin
I hate them little pretentious feckers....wanted them to go down..

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