Feeling Peckish?
Found these little gems at the local Chinese supermarket today. Who's up for trying them? Big Grin

Are they pigeon eggs?
Mmmmm, chicken ovaries Smile

When I worked on a duck farm I discovered the Chinese eat every bit of duck imaginable. Even the tongue and the feet.
Waste not want not. Smile
I never tried that....mind you I am a vegan....
(23-05-2019, 05:48 AM)Razorsedge Wrote: I never tried that....mind you I am a vegan....

Given the choice between chicken ovaries and vegan food I would be too.

Being serious for a moment, overt the last few years I have drifted more and more towards vegetarian food or at worst fish with occasional chicken. I rarely eat meat and the salads I have are usually cheese based.

I think being a vegan is too much trouble and while I respect a vegan's devotion to their life style I don't have a problem with things like dairy.

But each to their own and I respect everyone's choices.

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