Poll: Cant or Cunt
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1 20.00%
4 80.00%
Total 5 vote(s) 100%
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Cant or c*nt
Lets democratically vote on the burning question of the day.  Seems fairest.  Chris you're a cant/c*nt.
Moo option?
(22-04-2019, 21:24 PM)in-exile Wrote: Moo option?

Vote for both I guess.
I don’t understand the question.

And anyway, it’s **** isn’t it?
c*nts are useful. They make pricks like Elgin stand to attention  Smile
Smile Shut it you slag.

Anyway away win for c*nt 4-1. Im abusing my mod powers and closing the poll. c*nt stays. Use cant if you want to though. Democracy innit.

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