Behind Closed Doors Matches
Had to be that Ukrainian wanker didn't it.
Must be galling for Man City having to do the guard of honour thing tonight.  They'll be desperate to beat them afterwards.
Liverpool getting spanked, 3 nil down at half time.  They are on the beach, or what passes for a beach in Liverpool.  The docks, maybe.
Full marks for ingenuity to these pompey fans in Oxford Smile

Watford get soft pen.. if that had been wilf going down Watwank fans would have been screaming blue murder.
Brentford properly bottled that.  And to make it worse Charlton equalised in injury time.
Come on Leeds.

Charlton will be safe with:
  • A win
Charlton will be relegated if:
  • They draw and Luton and Wigan both win.

  • They draw and one of Luton and Wigan win and Barnsley improbably win by 10 or more goals.

  • They lose and Luton avoid defeat and either Wigan or Barnsley win.
Charlton down due to Barnsley scoring against Brentford in the last minute Smile

Some interesting matches happening tomorrow.  Here's which channels are showing what, if you have an IPTV service.
Watched Brentford last night.  They looked really good.  Fulham v Cardiff tonight to see who plays them in the Final.  So strange to see no fans in such a massive game.  Last match ever at Griffin Park too.
Kind of want Brentford to win but equally we need someone like Watkins if they don't.
Playing in the away kit to avoid the cursed red and white stripes hasn't helped Brentford so far.  Still nil nil though.

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