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I watched the game in bits and I did think at times both team could have nicked a win. We are inching to safety slowly.

I do feel Palace have reached the end of the line with Roy and it is time for him to go.
(11-01-2020, 14:33 PM)Talons Wrote: That was a very uninspiring game but we got a point.
It's not the worst game this season at SP...Brightin was far worse. Thought Cheik and Jairo were very good today. McCarthy was poor. His dead balls were even worse than Luka's. Cahill was even worse than him. I can only assume Cahill has an injury as well as wilf...well I assume Wilf not fully fit. Disappointed Pierrick didnt get 10-15 mins but it's not Roy's way. Only sub due to injury. Ayew did very well too. Should have been booked TBH as he committed at least 5 fouls in first half.
Have to agree the Assistant by main stand didnt seem to know what day it was or forgot to put his contacts in.
Celebrations. What's the Arse keeper doing?

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Hope that clarifies things.

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